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Sirona: You can go to Sirona Connect then add our lab by searching labs around area zip code 22180. You will see Artisan dental lab. Make sure you reduce your search radius for example, use only 25km. If the radius is too wide, it will take very long to search. 


Itero: You can connect to us by using our Itero company ID: 29337. If you can't find us, simply tell your Itero support(800 577-8767) to connect us using our company ID number or our phone number 703-938-2599. 


Click on the FexEx Image for a return shipping label!

OR.. send cases with your digital scanner


Medit i500:

1. Log in to with the administrator account.

2. Go to Partners on the left menu.

3. Search for the lab that you wish to make a partnership with.

  • You can search for partners by their lab name, email address, postal code, or address. Make sure to use a valid email address format:

  • If you enable the Show Map feature, it will show search results within 5km ~ 1,000km via Google Maps.

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