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All on X Hybrids

Plan to Final only 3 appointments.

We use 100% digital workflow including:

-ICAM4D photogrammetry

-Digital Smile Design

-One day PMMA for same or next day loading

**Please click the photo on the left to schedule for case planning!**

Screw retained crown (Ti abutment + Zir crown hybrid)

Recommended for most posteriors. Also recommended for anterior when the screw access hole is not going out to the facial side. 

MG_0410 cropped.jpg

Titanium custom abutment & cement type crown without hole

Recommended for most anterior cases when the hole is going out to the facial side.

Crowns and Bridges







































Zirconia layered bridge
Zirconia Esthetic crown (3M Lava).jpg
Full Contour Zirconia crown.jpg
Emax Mono.JPG

PFM - Porcelaine Fused to Metal.

When Bridge must really go the distance, and look good doing it.


FCC - Full cast crown.

Timeless Strength in the tightest of spots.

Monolithic Zirconia 

High strength, low translucency monolithic zirconia. Recommended for posteriors.






Esthetic Zirconia 

Medium strength, high translucency monolithic zirconia. Recommended for both anterior and posterior. 

Porcelain Facing Zirconia (PFZ)

High strength, high translucency. Porcelain stacked, layered, and fused to Zirconia. Recommended for anterior crowns to satisfy the pickiest patient.​

Emax Monolithic

Medium strength, little higher than medium translucency. For beautiful veneers, retention on short preps, and matching older crowns.

Emax Layered

Medium strength, high translucency. For beautiful veneers, retention on short preps, and matching older crowns. Hand layered Emax to create the most realistic crown possible.



Full dentures

Classic dentures for the economically minded; Premium dentures for the aesthetically inclined.












Cast Partial Frames

Stable and accurately crafted.













Flexible Partials

Easily adjustable flexible partials for those patients who require a metal-free solution.











Protective Applicance

Why wait for a nightguard to across the continent? We offer a full line of occlusal guards delivered in just a few days.











Bite block 2
Denture teeth set up
Partial denture with metal frame 2
Partial denture with metal frame 3
valplast 2
Milled clear night guard.JPG
night guard milled clear 1

Essix Retainers

Premium retainers made locally in the US.

Essix retainer
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