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Who We Are

30 years of experience: Welcome to Artisan Dental Lab, where 30 years of experience meet state-of-the-art innovation.


100% digital workflow: We've fully embraced a 100% digital workflow for precision and efficiency, while still valuing analog when it surpasses digital capabilities.


Full Arch All-on-X: Specializing in Full Arch All-on-X restorations, we're your go-to for seamlessly blending tradition and cutting-edge technology to craft your perfect smile.


John Lee

Second Generation & Master Technician 

Meet John Lee, a dynamic professional with a background in engineering and chemistry, boasting eight years of invaluable experience in the dental industry. With expertise spanning both analog and digital workflows, John has successfully navigated the evolving landscape of dental technology. His commitment to excellence and adaptability make him a standout figure in the field, consistently contributing to advancements and innovations that drive the industry forward.

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Manjae Lee

Founder & Master Technician 

Introducing Mr. Lee, a seasoned veteran in the dental laboratory industry, bringing an impressive 30 years of expertise as a master technician. Widely recognized as a luminary in the field, Mr. Lee is a true maestro of dental lab technologies. Having witnessed and adapted to every evolution in the dental lab landscape, his wealth of experience is unparalleled.

As the founder of the lab, Mr. Lee's visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the industry. His profound understanding of dental technologies, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions him as a trusted authority. In a dynamic field that constantly evolves, Mr. Lee remains a steadfast pillar, guiding the way with three decades of invaluable insight and leadership.

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